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My name is Parisha Sharma, working as a Digital Marketing Expert. Born and raised in New Delhi and graduated from University of Delhi. I love to write about new fashion trends, clothing, fashion shows etc.. Then I thought to start this blog. Here is my blog ShoppingBlogSteer.com ! and I do love to explore new trending clothes, stylish combination, world’s famous color combinations etc..


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Eat The Children In Good Conditions At The Nursery

Lunch and snacks punctuate the days of babies and children. Whatever the mode of reception. These are times of exchange, discovery, learning patience and immobility. The atmosphere, the decor, and

Bubble-wrapped furniture delivered at your doorstep

Do you think that you need a better desk to decorate your office room? Or you need to replace those creaking chairs from the corner? Or that flower pot by

What’s Holding Back the Wooden Blinds Dubai Industry?

Wooden Blinds Dubai are among the most effortless of window covers to clean. The window dazzle is made of wood, rendering those individual supports really healthy. That being stated, despite

Turn a meal into a feast with the finest in Tabletop

There is hardly anything more enjoyable than a hot soup dished up in a nice Wedgwood bowl. Or for that matter, a steaming cup of coffee sipped leisurely on the


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7 Watch Trends in 2018 That Every Guy Should Know

7 Watch Trends in 2018 That Every Guy Should Know

The watch brands don’t seem to get affected by fashion changes at all. But you must note that these timepieces really act as a fashion

Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men

Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men

Overview: Like women, men also need to be cared for by specialized shampoos for their hair, especially for those who are suffering from itching, and


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