There isn’t any magic out there or any fairy who would fix all your problems all at a time. It’s you who has to solve your own problem. And hair fall is such a problem which leads to lack of confidence. Surely being bald is new trend in town nut hairs on head would never go out of fashion. Especially for girls, it’s foremost problem after facial problems. So below are your tools to fight back hairfall.

What causes hairfall?

Lack of protein and vitamin E in body or lack of nutrition, hormonal changes, pregnancy, physical and mental stress, scalp infection, alopecia areata, medication and treatments, thyroid disorders, over processing and styling, iron deficiency, anemia, and blood loss, diet and malnutrition these are all of the reasons I could think of in which you maybe falling.


You must use right comb for your hair, and also clean it regularly as it is used regularly. Combing is what you do daily and rigorous combing can cause hair loss, you often don’t even care about your hairs when you are in rush. Comb before going to sleep, some people avoid combing due to hair fall but you should detangle your hairs daily otherwise it will cause more hair fall. Avoid combing in wet hairs as your most of the hairs fall due to wet hair let it dry first and then comb your hair which will lead to less hair fall.


Choose your products wisely, avoid high chemical containing shampoos and conditioner and keep changing your shampoo in every 3months this will let you know which shampoo suits your hair and causes less hair fall. Don’t use too much of shampoo as it will lead to dandruff and huge hair loss.

Clear scalp

Your scalp must be clean in order to avoid hair fall. A scalp having dandruff or any infection will have more hair fall. A clean scalp would help in getting rid off hair fall. You can clean your scalp by applying lemon on your as it is an antioxidant it acts as a cleanser to your hair.


Everything is related to your stomach if you intake right diet you will never be worried about hair fall or thick hair. A good diet means a balanced diet which includes green vegetables, fruits, juices, regular breakfast and most important a glass of milk.


Water is a key factor whether it be your facial problems or hair loss, at least drink ass per your requirement, avoid dehydration many problems occur due to lack of water intake so as hair fall. So if you want to have healthy, long, beautiful hair and face drink water properly as this is the simple ingredient available everywhere and a lifesaving factor too.


You can apply vinegar to get rid off dandruff as it leads too a huge hair loss and makes embarrassing when someone notices it, as everyone notices your face and hair first it should be clean and tidy. Dandruff also affects your face and hair as well so never ignore it treat it immediately.

Towel dry

Most of you don’t know the correct way of drying your hair properly. Everyone uses the towel in rush without even caring the effects which it leads to. Your hairs are not that strong, so use your towel gently as all your dirt has been already cleaned by your shampoo you don’t need to do it through your towel. Also don’t leave the towel tied on your hair for longer period try to use cotton towels after shower for your hair.

Wash thrice

Wash your hair thrice a week during summers and twice a week during winters as in summers your hairs easily get oily due to sweat and in winters your hairs get dry. So you must take care of your hair according to weather as well, you should immediately take shower in rainy season if you get wet due to rain because it can cause infection on your scalp.

Oil massage

Don’t wash your hair without oiling your hair because it causes dryness and roughness, also causes more hair fall. Always give hot oil massage at least once a week as it opens the pores of your hair. Oil 1hour before going for shower it nourishes your hair and strengthens them protects from the chemicals your shampoo contains.

Home remedies

You can easily use some items which are easily available at home such as curd, onion, honey, henna, raw milk, egg to get rid off hair loss and get shiny and glossy hair.

You must prefer to the doctor if you have hair loss more than an average. As there may be some serious problem behind your hair loss. Hope  you now carefully treat your hair gently, you can your desired products in Flipkart using the best of Flipkart deals and Flipkart offers.


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