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So, you have decided to acknowledge the good work done by your employees and finding out ways to reward their performance. From cash price to bouquet to trophies, a number of ideas might have been popping in your mind. Some ideas might be suiting you and some might be exceeding your budget. Among all the ideas and thoughts, one of the affordable and aesthetic ways is to give them lapel pins.

Have you heard about lapel pins? Yes, the pins that were earlier used to wear on the lapel of the jacket or suit.

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Lapel pins have become very common among people these days. There are a plethora of ways in which these pins can be used. And I should not miss here the popularity of custom lapel pins. They have become the number one choice of people. You can customize the design, color, shape, size of the pin as per your wish.

You can do much more with these custom lapel pins than you think! Personalize them as per your requirement and use them for your business activities. These pins have taken a big corner in the promotional marketplace.

No wonder there might be several ways how people are using these pins but here let me discuss 3 good ways in which you can use these pins.

1) Awards:

Are you a business owner searching ways for appreciating your employees? Whether you are owning a multi-national company or a small organization, these custom lapel pins make a perfect fit for awards and recognitions.

As a business owner, you can use these custom lapel pins as a memento for your employees. Reward them for their outstanding performance and let them know their value in the company.

As an employee, you can think of what a beautiful souvenir a lapel pin can be? You will remember the organization and cherish the memories for years.

Not only in offices, these lapel pins can be used in schools and colleges for rewarding best performers as well.

So, the first most common use of lapel pins is in awards and employee recognition.

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2) Marketing Activities

Are you searching out ways to promote your business? Consider custom lapel pins. They make a great branding and marketing tool. You can use these pins in business promotional activities, conferences or any other corporate event.

Customize these pins with your business name, logo and tagline and let the people get aware of your business.

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Distribute these lapel pins to build your business brand, gain visibility and draw the attention of the customers. People will be curious to know about your services. Turn their curiosity into sales with these lapel pins.

Hereafter, the second most common use of the custom lapel pins is in promoting your business.

3) Awareness

Have you seen not-for-profit organizations handing out custom lapel pins to donors? These pins are used for creating awareness for a cause. Organizations use these pins to reward the volunteers or participators in events like blood donation etc.

As an owner, you can also think of distributing lapel pins to your employees for corporate health related events and for different causes such as cancer awareness, AIDs etc.

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So, these are 3 most common uses of lapel pins.

However, one should know the right etiquette to wear a lapel pin. If you will wear it wrong, then it will make you look out of place and strange.

So, here are few outstanding ways to wear a lapel pin:

  • Wear lapel pin always on the left side of your clothing; whether it is a shirt, jacket or coat, wear it on left.
  • Don’t use lapel pins as cuff-links.
  • Don’t wear a casual informal lapel pin with formal clothes. Make a symmetry, wear formal lapel pin with formal clothes and informal pin with casual ones.
  • You can also wear a lapel pin on your tie may be in center or side. Avoid using contrast colors.
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If you want to fully justify the use of lapel pin, you should use custom lapel pins.

Customize the pin as per your own choice; personalize design, color, shape, and size as per your liking and taste.

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that lapel pins have taken the world by storm. Now it’s up to you how you use them – for a professional reason or personal one – choice is yours!

It is advisable to buy the pins from a genuine online seller. Search for the companies using the internet and choose the one that looks more appealing and trustworthy.

Hoping that after reading this article, readers will get some insights about the uses of lapel pins and how to wear them gracefully.

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