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Who doesn’t know about the USB cable these days? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus; it is an industry standard that is used to define cables and connectors. No matter whether you are from an IT background or not, USB cables are one of those items, people are aware of irrespective of their age and profession.

In layman, it is a cable that is used to connect and transfer data from one electronic device to another. With advancements in technology, these cables have been gradually improved with distinct versions and types. One of the latest innovation in this category is USB Type-C.

It encompasses the latest technology and offers various benefits such as high speed, powerful cabling, reversible design.

The biggest problem that UCB Type-C has solved is that it has replaced the need of using different connectors for phone, camera, laptop etc. Imagine that you are traveling for a business meeting and carrying a separate charger each for your phone, laptop, smartwatch, camera. How problematic is that? USB Type-C has solved this problem; now you can charge your phone or laptop or camera with the same cable.

Working as a technical product executive for more than 10 years and assisting customers in their USB cables and connectors buying process, the experience has led me to classify 3 important reasons why the newly launched USB Type-C is better than its predecessors:


Can I ask you, how many times you have got stuck while inserting cable to the port in the dark? And the answer I can guess is umpteenth times. But now no more worries about the cable insertion. You can insert USB Type-C both ways.

So, this is the first reason why USB Type-C cable is better than its predecessors i.e. USB Type-A. This feature of reversibility was only enjoyed by iPhone users but now, it will be cherished by Android users also. Buy USB C cable and enjoy connecting the cable in whichever direction you want!

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Another big reason of using USB type C cable is that it solves ample of purposes. In addition to phone charging, it is used for various purposes such as power supply for another USB-C device, transfer MTP files, PTP photos and it is also used for MIDI input.

Now for Android phones, you can use the cable for different purposes. Just plug this universal cable in your phone and use it across the board.

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Fast & Powerful

The last but not the least reason to use USB Type-C cable is that it is simply powerful and fast. Have you ever seen a USB cable transferring data at a speed of 10 gigabits per second? Yes, USB type C is designed to transfer the data at the zippy speed of 10gb/sec. And I am not done now.

This newly USB connector can offer 100 watts of power and that much power is enough to charge a laptop. Woah! You will love to know that now you can charge your laptop with this cable.

In addition to fast and powerful, the USB Type-C connector is small in size which makes it easy to carry. You can take this small and lightweight cable with you anywhere on business meetings, conferences etc.

Plus, the flexibility the cable offers cannot be unnoticed. It allows users to connect their old devices via type-C adapters to the Type-C ports that mean you can even connect devices with non-USB technologies also.

So, these are three major reasons why this Type C cable is an important feature in phones. And not only on the phones, even 12-inch MacBook, Chromebook Pixel laptops etc. have USB Type C.

Bottom Line

The compatibility of the phone with the future devices is an important aspect you can’t overlook. USB Type C feature makes your phone compatible with all the current and future devices. Hence, there is no doubt in saying that it is a great plus in gadgets like phones, laptops etc.

Major brands like Samsung, LG have released devices with USB-C port. So, if you are planning to buy a new phone or laptop, make sure that it incorporates USB-C feature. The market is flooded with providers that are selling a wide range of USB cables such as USB type C 3.1 cable online.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest some time on the internet and research about these providers, consider parameters such as features, quality, price etc. of the cable before purchasing a right one.

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