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Are you an iPhone user? Then this is a blog you must imbibe to ensure the security and beauty of your iPhone.

I have come up with the idea to write this blog, when I have accidently damaged my iPhone screen and believe me, it was like one hell of the worst nightmares for me to let my newly branded iPhone 6s screen get damaged. Therefore, I decided to not let you suffer from the same experience.

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Before telling you the core reasons behind putting the protection layer on your iPhone, it’s my duty to inform you about the latest features of screen protectors.

Latest Features of Smartphone Screen Protectors

So, nowadays screen protectors are equipped with translucent color technology, it simply means glass shield screen turns transparent when light is introduced to it.

And the same screen protector will appear depending on the color of your iPhone. Isn’t it a cool feature?

However, the list of features has just started, another cool attribute that you would love is oleophobic coating, and this is something that enables your phone to resist fingerprints and smudging.

These protection glasses are proving high touch sensitivity so you need not to worry about your phone’s touch ability, however it will keep your phone’s touch safe and increase its efficacy.

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Nonetheless, you must know about one of the most useful features of these protection glass i.e. 9h surface hardness as this feature will protect your phone’s screen from damage if it falls from a certain height.

I wish! I had installed such a protection to my phone, I would have save my phone’s beauty as well my precious hard earned money. L

I resisted myself from using protection due to a myth that these protections would marred the looks of my phone. However, I was wrong!

Nowadays, protection layers are coming up with slim fit ultrathin glass that not only protect your phone but make it more attractive and shiny.

Now, when you already know the lucrative features of these protection layers, I will tell you about the 5 core reasons for using screen protection on your iPhone.

Increases Resale Value: If you are a person who like to resell your phone when a new model is launched in the market. It becomes vital for you to track the maintenance of your phone.

Recently we have seen that with the launch of iPhone 7, people started selling their older model iPhone 6 or 6plus in order to add up some extra money to get new shiny iPhone 7.

Therefore, when it comes to resale value, then the people who have iPhone with no scratches on their screen are more likely to get higher price for their device.

So, it is a wise choice to equip your precious iPhone screen with a branded protection layer.

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Prevent Screen from Water: We have seen people hiding phone or protecting their phone’s screen in rain. There are times of emergency when people have to resist themselves from taking their phone out due to rain.

So, let me assure you if you use screen protection then it would not only keep your device safe from dirt but it’ll allow you to use it efficiently in water as well.

It’ll allow you to make emergency calls during rain without affecting the quality of your phone’s touch. I have already suffered and experienced the pain of this situation, when I could not type an important message due to rain and I had to face the huge loss.

Therefore, I will highly recommend you to get a good protection shield for your iPhone’s screen.

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Make your iPhone Shiny and Scratch Free: I hope this is something that we all are aware of. However, I want to mention some important aspects of shiny and scratch free iPhone.

Nowadays, people judge your personality by the maintenance of your accessories.

Believe me! If you have a shiny and adorable phone, there are high chances that you’ll make a good mark on the other person you are meeting the first time.

It will not just keep your phone look good but it’ll boost your confidence level and will not let you hesitate before offering your phone to others.

So, if you are a person who wants a better image and self-reflection, simply keep your phone harmless and embellish it by using a renowned screen protection glass.

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Anti-Glare effect in Sunlight: We are fond of using our smartphones at almost everywhere but most of us have to face difficulty using phone in bright sunlight.

Nowadays, screen guard companies have come up with the idea of making smartphone’s screen protection shields with anti-glaring effects which provides you efficacy to use it even during the brightest time of the day direct under the Sun.
So, you can look out for the one in the market with this special effect.

Prevent iPhone from Smudges and Fingerprints: If you own an iPhone then there are chances that you use it throughout the day which increases the chances of leaving your phone with smudges and fingerprints.

These dirty spots are not just tricky to wash but there are chances that you may leave water on the screen that might ruin the touch of your expensive phone.

So, to avoid these untidy things you should use screen protection with an Oleophobic Coating that will ensure your phone’s safety from those pesky smudges and fingerprints.

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After mentioning all the reasons for using screen protection on your iPhone, one thing is clear that it is quite vital to increase your expensive phone’s life and resell value. However, I would suggest you to look out for the one which is available with all the above mentioned features to increase the efficacy of your iPhone.

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