Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has now become a very important part for many of the businesses for their high speed inventory and efficient logistic management. The result of using RFID technology is really beneficial to many of the companies as it has helped them increase the productivity with the lesser cost. That’s why RFID is now placed in the spotlight and is now popularly preferred by many of the companies as RFID tag.

What actually is RFID tag?

RFID tag is just an ID system that utilizes small size radio frequency identification devices for tracking and identification purpose. A RFID tag includes a read or writes device, data collection host system application, transmission, and processing. It actually consists of a chip, memory, and antenna.

Now, RFID technologies offer various advantages and features which are really helpful for consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. Nowadays, you can find varied kind of RFID tags which are used in various fields. It is now not only constant up to the companies but also playing a very significant role in cattle farm as custom cattle ear tag. Big cattle farm prefer this custom ear tag for the identification each and every animal present there. So, you can see that how important it has become these days.

Hence, while choosing RFID tag, you need to consider many factors so that you can have the complete benefits of RFID tags. Here are some of the factors that will help you to choose the well-suited RFID tags for your business. Hence, just have look at that factors:

Factor to consider the best RFID tag for your business or application

 Range of frequency

As similar to the other RFID system, RFID tags should be modified with the perfect frequency range as per the area or country where they are installed. If a reader is going towards some another band and tried to read the tags tuned to some other bands, the tags will not respond. Hence, here you need to consider the regulations and choose the RFID tags compatible with your operating region and application.

Mounting Surfaces

RFID tags may be attached with the wide ranges of surfaces like plastic, wood, glass, metal, fabric or even on the animal surface. The mounting surfaces also distress the read range, cost, and performance of the tags. Very few tags can be mounted on glass and metal that may cost high. So, consider the tag as per the mounting surfaces so that you can have the better read range. Whenever you consider a tag, make sure that the tag is certified and tested for the application, you are choosing RFID tag.


If you have the application existing in the area having sand, temperature, dirt, water, and more harsh things, you need to be more sincere while choosing the RFID tag. Here, you need to consider all environmental factors to have the custom tags that can easily stand in any kind of extreme conditions.


RFID tags can be manufactured as per your need, so you can have it in different shape and size that can easily adjust with your application. As per the application shape and size, you can have the ideal tag for your application. Hence, while selecting tags, you need to understand the surface area available for your application.

Method of attachment

The material and shape of the application to be tagged with RFID is the significant factors that you need to consider while you are looking for the perfect attachment method. Some tags may easily get attached while some needs to be attached with the use of pins, welding equipment or screw. If you are having RFID devices like RFID wristbands, or RFID Wristband for events, you can easily bind it on your wrist. But, if it is for your animal or other devices, you need to have some another way of attachment.

Memory Capacity

If your RFID tags had good memory storage, then it will show you more detail information. Low memory high-speed are sufficient for a particular task and it adds additional data when used with the online database. RFID tracking industry only usage 8 bit and 16-bit alphanumeric code that needs very little memory space. High memory tags are available with 64 kilobytes that can store complete maintenance records for various industries or fleet vehicles. So, you must decide the memory space that you need for your application.

Custom encoding

You must consider encoding along with the printing if you application is customer oriented. This is necessary to present a professional look along with logo and barcode. This coding may be beneficial if you don’t have sufficient manpower, equipment and time to encode. Hence, you must consider your application that may get benefitted with custom encoding or labeling of your tags.

Hence, if you are looking for a RFID tags for your business or anything else, you must consider the device or application for which you need to have tags. RFID can be implemented to most of your business and devices so that you can easily track and can have complete details concerning to that particular devices. Many companies are now producing many devices based on the RFID technologies. Silicon wristband manufacturers are also one of them that produces wide ranges of user devices based on this technology that can be used in our daily life. So, you must always consider the factors while choosing RFID tags so that you can have the perfect benefits of it.

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