Gift Your Loved Ones

Is the birthday of your someone special drawing near?

If yes, then you probably be looking to be excessively creative with gift ideas for your loved one. Market is flooded with a wide variety of gifts, and the more options we get, the more it makes us go overwhelmed to decide the perfect one.

What is new? This is what everyone thinks every time when planning to gift someone really special in their life. So, what is new and essentially trending in the gift market?

No matter how many gift items have been introduced in the market so far, Greeting Cards have their own essence in conveying feelings to someone, and are still widely used as an exclusive gift item.

Are not these cards very common? I know you would be thinking this way. But the answer is no!

It is because, now we have all the more unique varieties of greeting cards available in the market that could make a perfect gift choice for anyone, regardless of the age and gender of the receiver; eCard is a perfect example of that.

The Exclusiveness of eCards

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Checking out various local stores, to find the perfect card can be really daunting and tiring task sometimes, especially if you have a hectic work schedule, and you need to take out time to go out.

And, that is not enough. After you have selected the card, you will need to fill it with the words you want to convey. If the receiver is living far from you, you will also need to pop the card in the mail.

Fortunately, there are now many companies available out there, which allow you to buy eCards without any hassle of finding and sending the card. This means, you do not need to set your foot outside the home for selecting the perfect item.

Below are a few types of cards available online that you can choose to gift your loved ones on their birthday.

1. Cartoon Greetings

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You most probably are familiar with the paper cartoon greeting cards, but you would be amazed to know that they are also available online. In the website of these cards, you can find broad options of them, including music, video, and animation.

And to give your personal touch to the card, you can go with the cards that you can personalize and print from the printer.

If the receiver is very much into cartoon, you can consider these, without any second thought.

2. Sarcastic Cards

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These cards come with an attitude, and some of them have an R rating with them. These cards are consisting of sarcastic slogans and simple art, and they are very much popular online.

If the one you want to gift has the right attitude, then may be this card could be the best pick. But, it is not recommended to gift such cards to your mother, until and unless she has an excellent sense of humour. *wink*

3. Video Greeting Cards

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This type of Card is very much similar to usual greetings. The only major difference is that these are made with a focus on digital. With astounding animation, featuring magnificent video, sound and songs, these cards make a wonderful choice to gift someone on any special occasion.

In fact, some of them can actually talk! Does not it sound amazing?

4. Mail Cards


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Apart from being digital, another feature of these cards is that they come with an aesthetic of mailed cards. What makes their appearance this way is the design as well as the envelope and stamps that are included with the item.

If you choose to buy these items, you would get an ease of customizing them according to your choice and need. You can even add your photos, edit the texts, change the design of stamps on the envelope, and can switch the envelope’s pattern.

5. Paperless Cards


Paperless cards allow you to choose from the wide range of eCards, and send them via mail or other online sites. As the name suggests, there is no use of paper in making of such greetings. You can find a large collection of Custom Greeting Cards

 in this variety, and you can tweak them to perfection by adding your own images and text.

What set these cards apart is the extraordinary design from The New Yorker and Kate Spade. Moreover, these products are very economical, and can be bought at very reasonable rates.

 6. Musical Greeting Cards

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These cards are distinct from the rest. This is because they are consisting something really exclusive, which is music. This can be a wonderful way to express your feeling and love to the one you want to gift.

Music can communicate your feeling in a way that nothing else can do. These items are very much popular in the market, and it does not surprise us at all.

7. Custom LCD Cards

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Taking the technology of greetings to another level, these cards come with an LCD screen where you can add a picture or video of your choice.

These hi-tech greeting cards can be an incredible way to express your love. And now, you can find them in many online stores at affordable prices. It is hard to say no!

If you will go online and do a simple search over the internet, you will find there is card available for almost every occasion and every budget. You can check out the selection of various stores available online, selling the similar items, and can choose the one that can help to hook you up with the right and perfect greeting card.

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