Are you thinking about the hectic work of maintaining an Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk that you recently invested on? Or looking for just some simple tips to keep your investment working?

We are not going to disappoint anyhow! Although you have already made a big move for your company by purchasing an “Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk”. So, this is how you are going to meet high level of customer satisfaction.

If you want to boost your company’s success, the key is to keep these machines clean and in perfect working conditions because these machines can only forge positive results when they are well maintained.

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Tips for Maintenance:

  • Update Software: Do you wish to escape frequent glitches? Or you want your machine to work with complete competence?

Everyone wants to excel in this competing world, that is why you had invested in this machine but if its software are not updated on time then it cannot bring the desired results.

The apparatus will run incredibly slow and it may encounter grim performance issues or it may stop running properly altogether.

So, ensure to update the software as often as it’s needed and track your IT department for any updates issue.

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  • Wipe the Screen more often: Are you finding less people near your Kiosk? Please get the screen of your Kiosk cleaned.

It is obvious that people don’t prefer to read on dirty screen irrespective of the screen size of your Kiosk.

However, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions before taking care of your expensive touch screen Kiosk.

Remember! It is always wise to obey the instructions on maintaining hi-tech gadgets than to fall behind and face the major problem later.

  • Environment Resistance Ability: Are you using an Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk? Or you are planning to get one for your company?

Whatever it might be! You must know, why your Outdoor Kiosk need to be environment friendly? These Kiosks might get deployed in resorts, university, municipal parks, public transport terminals or hospital campuses and may be exposed to all kinds of extreme weather.

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Therefore, a machine cannot withstand such extreme environmental factors which is not robust enough.

So, you should ensure that the machine is designed to avoid water ingress because as we all know the mixing of water in electronic components will result in absolute failure.

Another key security factor to check is the protection of machine from UV rays. You should ensure that the machine has proper UV protection material to keep it safe under the direct sunlight deployment.

Last but not the least important security check is to ensure the Outdoor Kiosk displays have fortified impact front panel glass which should be scratch and cut resistant.

  • Readable Content in Outdoor Conditions: Would you like to put in a lot of effort or strain your eyes merely for reading what is written on the display of a Kiosk? I Guess! “NO”

One of the most common reason that may turn off people from your outdoor Kiosk is poor readability.

People usually refrain themselves from putting effort in reading, so make sure the content written on the display of your Kiosk should be easily readable in harsh Sunlight and even in dim light.

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  • Optimum Temperature Level should be maintained: You must be knowing that the processing of every machine generates some amount of heat.

For instance: When you play a heavy game on your mobile phone or computer continuously for few hours, you must have noticed that it gets heated up and level of heat increases if your device is facing sunlight.

Therefore, when an outdoor Kiosk is deployed to prolonged heat of direct Sunlight, its temperature increases to an incredible level which affects the display and internal electric mechanism of the system.


So, you must ensure that your outdoor Kiosk consist of inbuilt cooling mechanism if you are planning to deploy it in direct Sunlight.

  • Outdoor Kiosk should be Tamper Resistant: If you have installed your Kiosk in public area, make sure it is tough and forceful because it can be an easy target of mass outrage.


No matter in which country you are living in, Yes, I agree that degree of threat may vary but there is no full proof security anywhere. Your Kiosk may become an easy prey of someone’s small desire of adjusting volumes to serious crimes like theft or vandalism.

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We have witnessed such mass protests and agitation in almost every nation so you better take precaution and confirm that your Kiosk is tamper proof.

Tamper-proofing your outdoor Kiosks will ensure the security of physical machine, data stored and network from direct and indirect intrusion.

  • Check Your Kiosk by Using Yourself: Are you receiving complaining mails of your customers for improper functioning of Kiosk?

Why don’t you set a rule for your IT department by checking those Kiosks and their software on a regular basis?

It is always wise to take precaution than to take medicine. In simple words, it is better to take some pain of visiting your Kiosks than to lose your valuable customers.

So, plan your visits and ensure the proper functioning of these machines to serve the purpose of installing them.

If you want to make you mark on the top in this competing world, there is a constant need to prove yourself by providing best services and projecting yourself more sincere than others.

So, your work doesn’t end just by making an investment on installing Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk but the real challenge is to keep the functioning of machine as effective as the new.

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