3 Shades Of Traditional Attire To Copy For Fashion Seekers

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Women’s fashion world is quite bigger than men, as we know. They are the human entity who give many opportunities to the designers to market their talent. When it comes to select attire for special events like wedding, engagement, family gathering, office party etc., they are very particular. They always […]

Pashmina Scarf

The Five Amazing Ways to Wear a Pashmina Scarf

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‘Pashmina’, a type of cashmere wool, which is soft, warm and has the finest texture. The material comes from a particular type of goat called Changthangi that inhabits the areas of Himalayan mountain range. Textiles are manufactured out of this fabric primarily in Kashmir and Nepal. Extremely luxurious, all the […]

How to Get Trained For a Bikini Competition?

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Amy Perrin, a 6 Pack Professional Athlete, is a wonderful example for any individual making every effort to compete in a swimsuit health and fitness competition with bikinis all over the place. From the initial day she chose to obtain fit she’s been pressing ahead, encountering her concerns of contending, […]

Trendy Statements with Sarees

Best Trendy Statements with Sarees For Indian Woman!

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When talking about Ethnic wear which gives complete elegance and style, not remembering sarees is impossible. Saree is one of the traditional Indian attires that has been worn by Indian women from ages. One of the most versatile outfits, saree has now become the trendiest dress for women who love […]

Creative ways of styling a women’s jumpsuit step by step

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Jumpsuits for girlsare a wardrobe staple, but it can feel a little limiting since it’s an outfit all on its own. So, let’s check out some chick ways to make the jumpsuits for ladies more versatile. But, before experimenting with the styles make sure you select a right fit: Many […]