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The creative industry is booming like never before and the traditional careers are soon being replaced with more innovative and interesting jobs. However, the competition remains constant in any career and so is applicable in the case of cosmetics, hair, and beauty.

A portfolio is a collection of the previous work samples for the client to view before choosing you. It needs to subtly present the best skills that you bring to the table while showcasing the work. Below are few legit reasons why a portfolio is a must in the beauty/hair/cosmetics industry.

Being Creative: Gone are the days when one had to browse through long Listicles to judge the profile of a candidate. Having a portfolio that displays your creative work is the best way of going about it. It depicts your skills on point, which is far better than describing it down on a piece of paper.

Saves Time: The Cosmetics, Hair and Beauty industry have many applicants. Every day about 100 or more applications are received and your employer does not have much time to judge your potential as a candidate. Thus, having a good portfolio not only sets you apart from the crowd, but does the saying all the more!

Visuals rule the world: There are many platforms out there on which you can showcase your work. One such being Pressbook. With the help of these platforms you can boost the visibility of your work and drastically increase the chances of landing a great job in the cosmetics industry. The visuals are more impactful than words.

Showcasing skills: Let’s say, for example, that you are a beautician. If you build a portfolio by arranging the work you do in chronological order, it will help you showcase the progress that you have made. This gives your employer a real-time example of your growth and of the current and the latest work that you have done for your clients.

Competition: It should be noted that in the recruitment space the concept of portfolios is relatively new. While other candidates with the same skills might be applied to the old techniques of demos, there is a higher chance of you getting selected for the job!

This is because portfolios, catch your attention better than any traditional form of depiction and clients are more likely to engage with you. Building a great profile for you as a beautician or hair stylist will immensely pay off! In the showbiz, stimulating visuals are very effective and the key to it is an effective portfolio.

Thus, it is quite clear that you must have a portfolio in place before applying to that next gig. In the dynamic and ever-changing cosmetics industry, your work speaks volumes about you. You must keep in mind the key points while highlighting your skill set.

Present your work in the best possible manner, in an order of progress and with a great visual appeal. With these tricks in mind you are sure to get opportunities faster than never before. All the Best!

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