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Lunch and snacks punctuate the days of babies and children. Whatever the mode of reception. These are times of exchange, discovery, learning patience and immobility. The atmosphere, the decor, and the contents of the plate, of course, all contribute to the pleasure of the meals. Here are some ways for all these parameters to be met during meals taken in the community.

A perfectly balanced, colorful, shimmering and fragrant plate will seem tasteless if the environment of the meal is detestable. It is necessary to take the time to observe the team and the children during a service in order to detect the difficulties of each one and to remedy it in the time in the team.

Solutions to reduce noise pollution

The first point to improve is often noise. And the cocktail effect applies to it! The volume of the room increases gradually nourished by the conversations of children and adults, and then fed by all kinds of parasitic noise that overlap: movement of chairs on the floor, shock cutlery in the plates or dishes on Table. An acoustic sound measurement of noise allows knowing the peaks that can rise to 92dB (A) in a large section knowing that there is a risk for hearing from a single exposure of 80dB (A) during 8 hours.

Seeking the cause is essential. Of course, an acoustician can help you, but here are some ways to take action.

If the ceiling height is too high, the installation of suspended “baffle” anti-noise plates provides real comfort

The smooth plaster walls reverberate the sounds. To remedy this wall frame “catch-sounds” is a solution. It’s a decor all by itself and can be personalized. It is also conceivable to cover the walls with openwork wooden boards, laid on rock wool; the void created between the surfaces absorbs the sounds. Check here for best baby and kid’s equipment’s online.

Classic tables are often noisy. Now suppliers offer soundproof tables, covered with a coating absorbing the sound of cutlery, it is a revolution in the institutions that have acquired. Know also that the simple laying of rubber on the feet of tables and chairs is magical and complementary.

The shape and layout of the tables can also have an impact on the sound level. The roundtables promote sociability and avoid being challenged from one end of the table to the other. If the number of tables is important, separating them with septa containing absorbent materials may be useful.

If the lunch meets all the children, hungry babies give voice and greatly increase the noise, the room is too small for everyone … Better to separate the big ones from the youngest (who can stay in their section) and perform several services to reduce this sound pressure that affects the behavior of children and the health of adults.

A well-organized team creates a better atmosphere

The team through its organization, its behavior, its experience, can contribute to a serene and relaxed atmosphere or, on the contrary, create difficulties with the little ones. Here are some behaviors or situations, quite common but it is better to avoid.

The staff is sub-number at mealtime. In general, the team is complete, the transmission is done around noon, but some institutions work unfortunately with a tight flow and cannot afford it. In this case, adults are struggling to meet the expectations of children, who benefit, of course.

The adults busy take the dishes on the cart. A rule of slavery for lunch, one adult per table and no more than six children to accompany … it remains at the table to serve, channel energies and promote verbal exchanges. The officer in charge of the meals distributes the dishes, so only two legs dance around the sitting children, disturbing them to a minimum.

Adults tell each other their weekends. The meal time is devoted to children. Discussions between girlfriends will wait for the break, especially since there are small ears that hear conversations that could be moved for their age. Some teams were treated to remarks by parents or grandparents sometimes shocked…

The opening hours must prevent the arrival of children at the time of the meal. A friend who arrives between the entrée and the dish is disturbing for the group who will not be more focused on the content of the plates, but also for the kitchen team that had not counted in its workforce.

Well-settled children are essential

From the point of view of dietary diversification, babies are settled in deckchairs but some professionals prefer to take them in their arms, where the organization is paramount, everything must be available at hand. The adult will always be installed at the height of the child sitting and not on an adult chair: the child would have seen only on the knees of the adult, this limits the privileged exchanges of this moment of face to face, being of course that the adult cares only for one baby at a time!

Once the child is well, the meal can be taken at the table but beware of the material that must be adapted to the size of children on pain of seeing them fall or waddling constantly because of their poor position.

Once properly installed, the meal can begin, in the order: input, dish, dairy product, and dessert or in the mess if the self-system or the meal tray is established.

The team should not be formalized if the children eat with the fingers, it is a way of eating much more practical than the spoon which informs more on the temperature, the texture of the food, it is, in fact, a passage mandatory in learning to eat … over time they will use the cutlery in society, do not worry.

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