Exciting parties with the great venue is a terrific combination and when the destination is “Queen of Deccan” that is Pune then who doesn’t want to head towards the showbiz and the glamorous clubs for full enjoyment and a break from the boredom of life.
So, here are the some best picks for clubs in Pune for your enjoyment and comfort.

Penthouse, Koregaon Park

If you want a bliss of sunset on the roof-top and are inspired by the cityscape, then this is the perfect place to rejuvenate your energy.
This beautiful place located in Mundhwa is a casual dining location.

The club has a lounge and the floor too so if you want some good vibes this place is perfect.

The food is great while your taste with cocktails and Piquol food will make it.

Mi-A-mi, JW Moet

If you love to hang around and chill, then this is the best place in JW Mariott.
Now, put on your dancing shoes and get on the dance floor, the EDM and the Bollywood hits are the best part.

The delicacies are meant to taste Tacos, Crisp Fried Calamari and exotic drinks like vodka will make you amazed.


A Greek theme club whose interiors are derived from the Greek island.
The interiors are ecstatic, the rough white-washed walls and the canvas canopy are the reason to head towards this

The cool vibes and the pure music is magical and one of the best club in Pune.

Oak lounge

Another exotic land from Mudhwa is the (best club in Pune ) yes it is.
Compare to others it’s relatively smaller but If you are a fan of western music, this club is a perfect mix for you.

But they only allow couple entries So, be sure to get a date.

Their signature cocktails are a great way to start your night with a world of bourbon, Carribean partner and many more.

Mix@36, The Westin

Great for after parties where you can feel its authentic look and dazzling decor till 3 am.
An open-air lounge makes it more fascinating and yet one of the best clubs in Pune.
Extensive range of drinks. The Dj is breathtaking
and exciting too.
The tackling names of the cocktails are popular. Try Ringa Ding Dong with bird’s eyes chili, galangal, and lemongrass.

Sin Envy pride

To chill out for your weekend, this place is great.
The rooftop dancing is the best part which thrills the crowd to enjoy the view.
The Bollywood night Dj is always on point and the customer service will not leave you with any complaints.

Area 51, Baner

This popular and highly technical warfare club is the equipped with sound systems and the dome-like structure makes it more unique.
The name was derived from America’s highly classified air force station and is the best club in Pune till now.
The dazzling LED lights will keep you in the spotlight while you groove on the dance floor.

Virgin Mojito and ice tea are perfect for making your night special.

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