Do you have an iPhone? If yes, then I know how important part it plays in your daily life. And no, I will not be asking you to imagine a day without it, as I know you cannot.

But we cannot ignore the fact that it that one day it may happen that you can lose it or damage it, preferably the screen. And, what if the screen of your mobile gets cracked, and your iPhone’s functionality gets stopped?

How will you be able to perform various activities, like booking your cab, calling your friend, checking schedules, and much more? And WHATSAPP? Stop calling 911.

Does it sound daunting?

Ok, let us just assume that the screen of your phone is broken and it is still functioning. Would you like one of your major investments look such weird with a broken front? Of course not.

The issue can be anything apart from this, which could definitely bring a panic situation for you. But, you need not to worry, as here I will be helping you with a sensible guide on repairing your phone to make look as good as new.

Have not broken your phone yet? Congratulations! Now read on because this situation can crop up anytime, and can make you feel really distressed. Below mentioned are 5 options that you can choose to repair your life, oops! I mean iPhone. 😉

  1.  AppleCare- On Your Way to Help

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  • An iPhone is generally under 1-year-warranty. If you have bought one for you, then you will probably get a complimentary support of 90 days. But, when you choose to buy AppleCare for your mobile, then it can extend the warranty period up to 2 years.
  • It will cost you around $100, and you would be getting the best possible outcome from it for your phone. Not only the extended 2-year warranty, but AppleCare will also offer coverage for accidental damage.

However, you first need to get your mobile inspected before buying this, and yes, you will have to pay a certain amount for the privilege. Also, the service is offered twice per the lifespan of a device.

This mean, if you have broken your mobile twice, you will need to pay attention and care to not break anything else again.

 2. Let ‘Apple’ Repair It

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If you have not bought AppleCare, you will not be getting the accidental damage from the company. But, if you have recently purchased your mobile, and it is a while left on its warranty period, approaching Apple to get your device repaired would be probably the best option for the job.

I will also like to mention that Apple would probably be the most expensive option as well. If you own a device model like iPhone 4 or 4S, then it might not even under the warranty period anymore, and JUST NEVER approach the Apple people for such service.

For those having latest models, the amount for the repair from Apple would be all more expensive for them. In this case, the next option could be a better and cheaper choice.

3.Get Someone Else to Repair It

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Getting help from the third party is another option available to repair the screen of your mobile at cheaper costs.  But I am warning you here that it is important for you to know about the third-party services before availing it.

When my younger sister broke her 4S screen last year, I used a technician to repair the device with the third-party parts. While the price of such parts cost me almost half the price I was told in the Apple store, there was a salient difference I noticed.

If you have spent your money on buying this luxury item, you do not want to buy inferior quality replacements for your phone. So, if you ask about my recommendation, I would say opt for authentic third-party iPhone repair and replacement services near you.

3.Do it Yourself

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This option is for those who are happy and ready to play with their mobile by opening it up. Though it is considered to be one of the trickiest options, it can be either significantly easy or a bit of a burden, depending on your model.

Keep in the mind that replacing only the glass would not work, as you must need to replace the whole construction, including LCD, glass, and digitiser. Buying only one of these items would be useless and a waste of money.

For easy steps on repairing your device on your own, you can take help of the internet. You can find many guides online, offering DIY technique to repair iPhone. MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION< DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

4.Cover the Damage with Your Insurance

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Check if the type of insurance you have, covers the accidental damage of certain personal devices, like mobile phones. Sharing my personal experience, it was extremely difficult and almost impossible to get help in this regard from my insurance company.

Also, you will need to pay premium to get your repair work covered by insurance companies. But you should only choose this option if it works out cheaper than what charged by the Apple store.

These were some of the options available to you for repairing your iPhone. A great way of protecting your device from damaged caused by dropping it could be using iPhone Screen Protector. There are many companies put there in the market as well as online that can help you with a wide range of screen protectors for iPhone.

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