Are you planning on competing in a Pokemon TCG Tournament? Is it your first time entering a major competition? If the answer is yes, then you should prepare thoroughly if you’d like to place yourself in a good position. It isn’t just about how good your deck is, tournament play is about so much more. You must train yourself beforehand, so you enter the competition full of energy, knowledge and understanding.

Here are some tips for tournament preparation.

Selecting a Deck

Before you enter any tournament, one of the most important things you must do is choose your tournament deck. You won’t be able to change cards halfway through, so it is vital that you take your time and choose the best possible team. It is advisable to read through the tournament rules, so you fully understand the format. Some competitions use standard formats with a maximum of 60 cards per player, while others completely change their format halfway through the event. If you want to come prepared, read through the organisers rules and instructions.  Once you know the type of tournament you are entering, you can select your deck accordingly.

Research Decks

You can use the Internet as a powerful tool before entering your first tournament. Do some research online and find out what are the most popular decks amongst gamers who attend TCG tournaments. There is no point having a powerful deck if most of the other competitors have decks which can defeat yours. A pokemon trading card game is as much about strategy as it is about the strength of your deck, if you don’t choose your battles wisely, you’ll be easily defeated.

Recording Details

When you find pokemon cards for sale, what is the first thing you do? Record their details, so you know specific information about each card. Well the same applies when entering tournaments, the rules state that you must list your decks. If you forget to write down what cards are in your deck, you can be penalised later in the competition. In most TCG tournaments you’ll have to enter information such as:

  • Deck Quantity
  • Card Names
  • Set Category
  • Trainer & Energy Cards (Quantity & Card Names)

You should do this in advance, not just to help the tournament organisers, but help yourself before entering the competition. It allows you to assess your deck, enabling you to select a more balanced team.

Concentrate, Hydrate & Stay Composed

Pokemon tournaments can be like marathons, they go on for hours, so you’ll have to stay well hydrated, keep your focus and don’t make rash decisions. Some matches can be both physically and mentally taxing, but once you’re prepared, you’ll be able for any deck or opponent that comes your way.

Pokemon TCG tournaments are challenging, especially if you’ve never taken part in a competition before. But, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare for the event. Get a good night’s sleep, stay well hydrated during battles, research the most likely decks you’ll face and take some time to carefully consider your own team.

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