If you are searching for buying special greeting cards for your travel-loving beloved on your fifth anniversary of togetherness, then nothing could beat these customized greeting cards showcasing some amazing pictures of these unusual countries of the world. Not only these wanderlust showcasing greeting cards will arouse the globe-trotting mood of your partner, but also will enhance your relationship and take you to the next level of ecstasy. Hey, don’t get carried away here, instead, know more about these countries on the card where you can later plan to go out with your partner anytime soon.

Vatican City: This world smallest country is a tourist magnet with some of the world’s majestic structures standing in its abode. St. Peter’s Basilica, home to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums are loved by the photographers. Don’t forget to have a picture of this world’s heritage site on one of the customized Photo Album.


Image Source: Thousand Wonders

Monaco: Monaco lustres luxury. As we talk about Monte-Carlo, we think of love and romance. The country is known for its yacht-lined harbour, upscale casinos and Grand Prix Motor Race, along with luxury hotels, nightclubs, boutiques and restaurants.

Image Source: The Telegraph

San Marino: This world’s oldest surviving democratic country has a beautiful landscape with Mount Titano and three fortresses perched on the mountain slopes. Tourism contributes majorly to the economy. This is one of the world’s wealthiest nations exhibiting luxury, prosperity and peace. It is surrounded by Italy, making it a great traveller’s choice.

Image Source: Marco Polo Tours

Liechtenstein: This beautiful country of Liechtenstein is located between Austria and Switzerland. Imagine the beauty of a place that is located entirely on Alps. This picturesque place is known for its alpine landscapes, medieval castles, and villages linked by a network of trails.You cannot miss this place on your customized greeting cards.


Image Source: Pinterest

Saint Kitts and Nevis: A photographer would love the beaches and cloud shrouded mountains at Saint Kitts and Nevis. This one of the world’s smallest nation is dominated by the dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano, home to a Crater Lake, green Vervet monkeys and rainforest that is crisscrossed with hiking trails.


Image Source: Paradise in the World

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